Scaling done right.

The only end-to-end solution to scale your ads campaigns.

State of the art cloud-based system with no technical integration. BLKET weaves simplicity with effective solutions to put your business on the fast track to success.

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premium private service for paid and social media advertisers. ranked #1 ad scaling platform for affiliate marketing and paid management services.

Our Ideology




Easy-to-use yet powered by sophistiacted technologies that make scaling campaigns possible.




Enabling media buying teams to efficiently test, optimize and then run campaigns at scale.




Continuous software updates ensure media buyers can scale their ads campaigns in any ad platform.

The Platform

BLKET natively incorporates a variety of underlying technologies and services that make scaling ads initiatives profitable - and sustainable.

Unlimited online profiles

Create and maintain armies of online profiles quickly and easily. BLKET's counter-fingerprinting technologies enables the operation of hundreds of distinct profiles without transmitting any commonalities to even the toughest ad platforms. Have a team focus on different elements of the media buying workflow by sharing access to different team members at different points of the profile and campaign lifecycle.

Accounts Marketplace

Purchase unlimited social media accounts from our reputable sellers directly within BLKET platform and avoid having to deal with third party accounts providers.

Streamlined payments

Avoid dealing with unreliable card vendors by making use of BLKET's native payments technology. BLKET's billing system automatically syncs with the ad platform's billing systems, thereby enabling instant payments at a near 100% approval rate. BLKET's payments technology dramatically reduces the administrative burden commonly associated with scaling ads campaigns.

Powerful proxies

BLKET taps into the largest global pool of residential and mobile IP addresses. Proxies can be configured for every profile right down to the city and ISP level. With BLKET, the world's most comprehensive global proxy network is at your disposal.

Infinite streaming

Run your campaigns through BLKET's streaming tehcnology which brings the virtual desktops associated with your profiles diretly to your preferred device. BLKET's streaming technology provides a fluid and responsive user experience while adhering to the highest data security standards.

Instant sites

BLKET enables you to deploy hundreds of sites with unique URLs instantly. Name your site using BLKET's name-generator then populate it by tapping into a limitless pool of fresh content from over 30,000 news publishers worldwide covering every topic category imaginable.

Dynamic landing pages

Use BLKET to develop and maintain a rich library of landing pages to power your campaigns – no coding skills required. BLKET's page editor enables you to build then optimize your landing pages from right within the BLKET interface. And there's no longer a need to manually configure pixels; with BLKET, pixel configuration (whether for views, leads or any other vistor action) is automated.

Competitive intelligence

BLKET's social ads intelligence tool provides dynamic insight into the advertising tactics employed by your competitors across verticals and geographies. Monitor the landscape to detect new angles and gain inspiration for your own campaigns.